kind of similar pipeline to what we’re doing

In this article, I will walk through the process of creating a Dockerized boilerplate web app that is deployed to Elastic Beanstalk.

The app consists of 3 containers: a client running React, a backend running Node.js, and an Nginx server that proxies to each of them. The project will use Github source control, and has a CI/CD pipeline where pushing to the master branch will cause the application to automatically re-deploy to Elastic Beanstalk.

This is NOT a Docker tutorial. I will briefly go over how the build process works, and docker-compose, but this is mostly just to clarify how…

This article was written as I was learning Nginx and Docker, and explains how to set up a Dockerized Node.js server with an Nginx reverse proxy. As a beginner myself, I think this article simplifies a lot of the concepts in a way that other tutorials don’t really do, so I hope people find it useful.

What is NGINX?

A lot of websites and tutorials define NGINX in the following way:

NGINX is an open-source web server that also serves as a reverse proxy and HTTP load balancer.

Web Server? Reverse Proxy? Load Balancer? These terms may be familiar to seasoned developers and…


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